Whitewater’s 2017 “Hired Before Graduation” Speaks Minority Exellence!

Congrats You’ve Got The Job!!!

Approximately 186 scholars from The University of Whitewater secured job positions before they even got a chance to walk across the stage. For many, this is an amazing feeling of success, relief, and gratification. The struggle of a college student is a real one, and it has been a long road for all graduating students. This is a major accomplishment for our Warhawks and the mark they left on campus will remain forever.

More specifically, the minority population featured was tasteful, plentiful, and inspiring. For us Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshman it was a moment to be a proud  member of the black community here at Whitewater. I believe I speak for many when I say it gave me a little boost of energy to keep pushing and finish out strong. If you’ve never been to college, you can’t imagine the determination and persistence you must have to take endless classes, quizzes,  and exams all while missing sleep, food, family and sometimes even happiness!

Take a second to indulge in the excellence.

To see the entire “Hired Before Graduation” section click HERE

(All photos credited to The University of Whitewater Photographer)
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