What Whitewater students don’t know about downtown. A few dope places you may have overlooked

Whitewater, Wisconsin is home to just about 15,000 people (2014). Over 12,000 of that 15,000 people are students. That’s mind blowing to me! Without support from the Whitewater campus and it’s students, it’s somewhat hard to stay prevalent.

When we think of downtown Whitewater, we have the usual thoughts: Rosa’s, Hawksnest, Pumpers, The Pub, Fat Jack’s, Jessica’s, and just recently The Black Sheep. Seems pretty accurate. I’m not sure that I’m content with this list though. As I parked my car in one of those annoying diagonal parking spots, I realized the downtown scene has a lot to offer.

The first place I noticed a while back was a collector’s sport shop!

Quiet Hut Sports

The owner of this store is a friendly guy. He greeted me as soon as I walked into the place. He didn’t press me to buy anything nor did he bother me. I walked around the store admiring all types of things from Trek bikes to Low Rider bikes. There’s some really cool things in here to satisfy anyone’s sport needs. The prices are pretty stiff for the nicer things, but I’m sure you can find a nice piece of equipment at a cost efficient price.


I’m not big on old things, but this place has tons of beautiful antiques. For someone who enjoys collecting things from the past this is definitely a must visit. When I walked in it felt like I had stepped right into a time machine. Of course you’ll find a wide range of prices here. I recommend a visit though.

Annie’s Pantry

Here I met a very nice young lady named Izzy (If I spelled it correctly). She was very energetic and joyful. I’d never been here but the store was pretty Dope! They pretty much have anything you may need out of a gas station without the gas station feel. I saw some pretty cool vaporizers and hookah pens. I didn’t get a chance to meet Annie but if she’s anything like her store and her workers I guarantee she’s pleasant.


Fanatico is the new renovation of Fratelli’s. The building is under new management and I must say I’m impressed. When I walked in, the elegance of the restaurant caught my eye first. The menu is dope also! There’s many things to indulge in! The waiter was dressed quite well and he was also very professional. He informed me that the restaurant was under new management and that I was welcomed to bring friends in for dinner.

The owner, a chef from New York, came out to greet me with open arms! His name is Benny and he has been a chef for 17 years! With that type of experience I’d eat blindfolded at Fanatico!

Level Up Games

This store is definitely Dope! Seeing my friends flee to the nearest Mall to get that new release of 2k16 made me see the convenience of the store. They actually can order in games locally for you to pick up! Their in-store collection is also pretty impressive. This store is more for the vintage gamer! When I walked in, I saw four students going at it in Super Mario: Smash Bros! A worker at the store informed me that tournaments are usually hosted and set up during the week. If you’re a game freak this store will have you warm inside!

Yogurt Shoppe

I saw a man standing outside of this store conversing with locals. I listened a bit and it seemed as if the owner was informing a customer of how much he appreciates his support and he’d be awaiting his next visit. I walked up to the manager and have a quick conversation with him. He’s a great guy. He informed me on how I could stop in any time and someone would be able to help me whether it’s his wife, himself, or a worker.

The layout of this store is dope! The colors provide a friendly feeling that may even relax you! Why not grab a few dollars and bring friends in for a tasty treat!

In order to experience more things and utilize everything this small city has to offer, you must walk further than your front door and be willing to see new things. I plan on visiting these business weekly and I’d encourage students to do the same. Life is what you make it and so is Whitewater. These business owners are friendly and actually want more interaction with the campus and its population!

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Lynn Binnie

Sorry to say, The Yogurt Shoppe is permanently closed. Also, there really are more than 3000 “permanent” (non-student) residents. Best guess is 7000-8000. Great article, though.