We got till April the 7th to get what together?

Okay, so Kendrick Lamar is the self-proclaimed “King of Rap”. Drake drops his highly anticpated More Life “playlist” and Kendrick drops the 4th entry of his “The Heart” series a few days after. At the end of the “The Heart pt. 4” Kendrick raps “Yall got till April the 7th to get yall sh*t together.” Ummm. Kendrick…….It’s April the 7th. My sh*t is together but your album is nowhere in sight. Kendrick also dropped a single “Humble” from his still untitled album.

Last night on April the 6th, a day before Kendrick told us to “get our sh*t together”, Kendrick announced that his album would be released on April 14th. April the 14th. April. the. Fourteenth. I…I….I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER 7 DAYS FOR THIS KENDRICK ALBUM!!!!!??? Well God created the universe in 7 days so I guess……

Is this Dope or Nope?
  • Dope 
  • Nope 

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