The Undergrad Greeks Have Been Forcing The Culture! Photos By Ayjante Garrty

G R E E K S!

Let’s just address the Elephant in the room, (no pun intended)…but it’s getting ridiculous! Songs such as…”Back That Azz Up, Salt Shaker, Where The Twerkers @, Booty Me Down” AND or ANY variation of twerk song SHOULD NOT be strolled to! I understand you have a lot of energy and y’all been practicing all summer, but the GDI’s who didn’t receive a Greek discount to be in the jawn in the first place would love to twerk and mingle themselves.  Can we at least pick one?

Besides, what happened to good ole’ times where you could see people hanging on for dear life while being held up by the bros in the party? Now it’s one big line of Greeks and the Non-greeks isolated in a small circle. We can’t just leave the slow songs for breaks. This is the initial annoyance that caused me to write this article, but I’m going to discuss a few more of my Greek Petpeeves.

The look I give “trippin” greeks

  1. Flooding The Floor

    This is my biggest petpeeve! As I stated before, let everyone else who can’t stroll have fun! They didn’t come to sit in the middle of the circle and watch us bounce around and talk crazy!  I’ve seen great turnouts from parties that incorporate “No Stroll Hours”. If the party hosts or the DJ’s don’t verbalize the no stroll hours, trust me…some Greeks will stroll to EVERY song.

  2. Hand Me Down Beefs

    Neos, just because we took your prophytes girlfriends and/or ran the campus before you crossed doesn’t mean you have to carry on the beef! New lines bring new vibes! As new additions to your chapter you are there to make it better. You are supposed to put your chapter in a better place. It’s all fun and games, but most likely the tension won’t be the same with you as it was with your prophytes. Do not let your oldheads turn you up and send you off on battles that aren’t yours to begin with.

  3. Bluffing

    PLEASE…Don’t bluff! Although a lot of Greek BS is chalked up as, “fun and games”…don’t think you can just talk out of your ass and not be heard or questioned! “WE RUN THE YARD”, “TRADE”, “WE HAVE THE BEST PARTIES”…these are all the types of things that will be acknowledge or questioned! PLEASE…Don’t Bluff! Leave the green to the folks who use the green, if you trade…trade. If you have no clue, please don’t bluff one!

  4. Build a Bruh

    This goes for Men & Women. You’re organization is not God. It did not make you the way you are nor did it create anything for you. Who you are before your letters, is who you are now! Your org simply acknowledged your weaknesses while teaching you to work through them and emphasis your strengths while making you more confident in those abilities. Everything you possess now, was there all along…organizations develop leaders not create them.  Do not get letters and all of a sudden think you are holier than thou, those Greeks are the worst!

  5. Educational GangBangers!

    “What chapter you from Blood, I’m Beta Eta Theta A Phi Til I Die Blood…we the hardest on the yard!” Come on fellas, if we consider ourselves a brotherhood we would have much more respect for men around us. Our mentor-ship and guidance is pivotal on campus to the young men and perspectives. If we constantly showcase a pride fight, it sends the wrong message. We are not here to fight and intimidate the campus. As a Greek, we serve you and it our job to make sure the campus climate is safe, fun, and productive.

I have many other things that could be addressed but with help of the GDI population these are the things I believe are the most prevalent and annoying. Please feel free to share your opinion (Greek Or Not) for a productive discussion. This is strictly my opinion and is no way, shape, or form the standard.



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