Taking a step into 2035 with Dumaine Reid & Mission10Eleven

People often think money is what makes the world go ’round. People like Dumaine Reid, Alex Clarke, Chris Thompson, Jineen Williams, the rest of Mission10Eleven, and myself believe that it is in fact arts and creativity that fuel the soul. I decided to take my younger brother into 2035 to see what the future beholds.


Dumaine Reid and his team have been developing portfolios for the untapped talent in Milwaukee for over 5 years. They’ve been a voice for the community and an advocate for the youth. From various events to digital presence, Mission10Eleven will be remembered.

The biggest potential endeavor I’ve been blessed to be apart of is 2035. Dumaine Reid has developed this concept to keep art alive. It takes a step into the future and revolves around a comic book that perpetuates channeling creativity, talent, ambition, and determination within the youth. In 2035 we hope to see an evolution that can surpass any struggle and obstacle we’ve faced in the past years.

I was impressed by the interest my 10 year old brother took into the comics. He was indulging into role models and characters who look just like him and are doing big things. It’s beautiful when you can move the masses and influence the youth with your work. 2035 is much more than comics and concepts. It’s actually a location that will be renovated and open to the public in due time. I wrote this article to highlight the positive and productive faces once again. Dumaine Reid and Mission10Eleven were named one of the faces in 2015, and I’m glad to say they are still fulfilling this title in 2016. Keep your eyes open, the world will remember.


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