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If you’re not from Milwaukee, WI…it’s the 10th deadliest city to live in America. For the natives, it’s a breeding ground for talent, art, and love. Observers may find themselves overwhelmed, disturbed, or simply uninterested at first glance. In the heart of the city there’s a community of individuals banning together for something bigger than what meets the eye. When you take the time to decipher the meaning behind the message, it’s a truly intriguing narrative.

Milwaukee’s estimated population in 2015 was 600,155. It offers a plethora of people, personalities, pleasures, and pains. Living in Milwaukee, we’ve experienced some of the most beautiful times of our lives. In 2009, visiting McGovern Park to hoop was the move. As the basketballs hit the pavement, you could hear big names such as L-Boog, BC Da Kid, CN$, & Twang Entertain subbing out the back of MC’s and other whips in the distance. A few hours later it’s the same city to turn “dark” before the sun even goes down. The Draco filled streets can bring tears to the toughest of souls. 

It’s amazing to see such a solid movement emerge through the turmoil set upon us. A small demographic of hustlers, artists, innovators, and music lovers come together in a close knit community. DopeOrNope has decided to share our top 5 with you.

`This was pobably one of the hardest decisions to make and this is how we did it.


What’s the replay value of the song? Is it something that gets replayed and can be played anywhere?


Numbers don’t lie.


Not everybody’s an emcee or lyricist, but we expect people to say something that’ll get us thinking.

Bless Team – Big Meech

This song goes so hard it’s ridiculous. From the ill piano melody to the pizzicatos highlighting the beat in the back. Each verse was delivered with great tone, confidence, and charisma.


Lil Chicken – Goin’ Crazy With Them Racks

Lil Chicken demonstrates how versatile and creative he can be with auto tune and singing. He somewhat changed the current Milwaukee music scene with the way he approached this project. His chorus is so catchy it’s insane. The melodies Chicken brings to the plate on this song are too Dope not to mention!


Kushy Kris, Money Mont, Chapo, Moochie, Cap Drive Montana And DNice -DreamTeam

The title fits this song perfectly. Together, these guys did sound like the dream team. They have big names on this project and they all gave quality verses. The production is also dope along with the instrumental. For the record, Cap Drive Montana had the hardest verse.


414 Work – New Milwaukee

This song arguably made the top 5 simply for it’s ability to get so many names on one Tay Love production. The song was not too overwhelming and we heard some quality lines from the city.


Gwapo Chapo Ft. Lil Chicken – Pressure

Chapo and Chicken really did apply pressure with this chilling song. It narrates the grit lifestyle in depth and leaves listeners in a daze. Chapo and Chicken take turns depicting their daily struggles and successes while giving very interesting perspective.


Honorable Mentions

There’s many songs that go crazy and may even have outdid the top 5 in some aspects but the song overall just wasn’t as solid.

Hit U Wit a Blessing

Sold Not Told


3 Young Bosses



No Grease

Walk First

Fired Up

Good Day

Do you agree with our top 5? Dope or Nope?

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