Our Milwaukee Summer 17 Honorable Mention #UTILIZETIME

has just begun, and it’s already LIT! Every year, summer in Milwaukee, WI is filled with subliminal social media competitions, shots fired, the latest trends, and a million waves of creativity. Let’s take a second to ignore the sirens, gossip, and hate…and zero in on that Passion, Persistence, & Progression!

Everyone included inevitably goes hard at what they do! This is a handful out of the entire wave in Milwaukee, WI!

Nic Stokes

A Morehouse graduate with a weekly grind for success. His charismatic persona keeps him ahead of the game.

Stokes is one of many to venture off into the world of scholarship, all the while…plotting on something bigger than himself for the city. He’s always provided safe and savvy environments for peers and perspectives to enjoy themselves and mastermind. He’s wasted no time making a name for himself and bringing the city together. You can catch Stokes locally at Mango’s Bar & Grill located @ 721 S Cesar E Chavez Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53204.

Maajei Vu

Super Producer with a God Given ear! His transparency and authenticity makes him one of a kind!

Vu has been climbing the ranks easily by being himself. He’s found the most success by turning his own personal journal into a book of wisdom, a song of passion, and a vision of love! His latest debut, Sheila’s Boy can be found almost anywhere!

Jazmine Kirksey

An ambitious entrepreneur,  well connected and presented. A true jack of all trades! 

Jazmine Kirksey, also known as Jazz Zhané, uses her innovative mind and quick execution to stay productive. Her nonstop grind will be the true teller of time! She’s always plugging or plugged in no matter the regard. Catch her teaching pole classes, fitness, and or overall self love!

Brandis Frater

The Wildest DJ with an all inclusive style and grace!

Despite The controversy and attempts to take him down…this crazy guy keeps getting booked! We all know it’s because of his strong vibes, diverse library, and energy level! He’s one of the few guys that’ll make you walk down a dark alley into a bar you’ve never even heard of just because he’s there. We can’t tell you where to catch him…just where to reach him!

Shekinah Cunningham

A model with an open mind, a unique style, and tunnel vision!

Shekinah’s steadfast desire to improve, no matter the goal, is what keeps her focused and excelling. Her style is unmatched and her willingness to work is motivating. She’s always offering information or seeking it. Cunningham is one to keep your eyes on in Summer 17!


Summer 17 is still in full effect and I wish success and longevity to all! Two L’s Make a W!




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