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The digital artists that are behind so many of these musician’s cover art and company logos don’t receive nearly as much credit as they deserve. Noiremac (nwar-mack) is as mysterious as any artist may come. He doesn’t tell anyone where he’s from, he doesn’t tell anyone his real name, you never see his face and rarely will he tell you his age. I actually got to have a conversation with the man. Here’s what the blooming artist was willing to share with us:

(Dope Or Nope): So what should the people call you?

Noiremac: Call me Noiremac. My friends call me by my actual name, but I rather have the people who don’t know me personally call me by my alias.

Alright. Cool, a man of mystery sort of like your art. Which brings me to ask, What’s your mindset when you create? Do you need to be in a certain mood? Doing any weird shit like lighting candles and dimming lights?

I can tell you when I AM happy, I don’t tend to create shit. It’s usually when I’m down for no particular reason.

A lot of artists, whether it be musically, visually, or digitally usually do create masterpieces when they’re in a down mood. For instance I know Kanye created the groundbreaking “808’s and heartbreak” after a break up. 

Or sometimes I’ll be in no particular mood at all. I’ll be somewhat contempt at the moment, and that’s when I usually start to create.

So what you create is usually reflective of your mood or do you just draw the first thing that comes to mind?

A lot of my digital art will usually reflect the first thing that comes to my mind. I actually have a really hard time trying to invoke my own emotions and shit into my art, it sucks but still I go on.

I’ve been really following you since I first peeped this piece… I can honestly say I’m a fan of your work…


When did you start considering yourself an artist? Like in your own mind when did you figure out you were artistic?

I didn’t consider myself an artist until maybe this year honestly. I feel like between 2014 and the present. That’s when I really started to see that I was actually good at what I do. I didn’t do much when it came to art before 2014. I spent a lot of time just drawing faces and dragon ball z characters. Even then, others considered me an artist. I would take shame in that shit. I knew my skills were pretty decent at the time, but I always felt like when someone called me an “artist” at 15 and 16 years old, it was like they were putting me on a pedestal and making it seem as if I were a professional or some shit. That was just me overthinking, being close minded and all that.

So wait, how old are you exactly?

17. 18 in January.

Damn you’re young as shit. Now I have to ask, do you want fame or do you just do this for the love of it?

Pretty hard for me to say. I want fame, I don’t want to sound greedy though, but don’t get me wrong I do this for the love of it too. I’ve been drawing since I was just a child so it would be hard to believe that I’m only doing this for fame and not the love of it. I definitely want fame in things such as animation, if I ever get to that point in my life (chuckles) I love cartoons and comics. I’m a damn geek with comics.

COMICS ARE FUCKING EPIC!! Just had to say that. So how’d you get Austin Mahone to use your artwork as cover art?

A few months ago I started drawing some of my friends as Dragon Ball Z characters. My close friend’s girlfriend had told me that Austin Mahone’s friend had dm’d her on Twitter and told her he wanted a Dragon Ball Z drawing of Austin, himself, and their friends. So by then I had Austin’s friend, Robert’s, number. I did the drawings. Then about 2 weeks later he had hit me up again asking to do the cover art for Austin and told me specific details on how it should look. That’s how it happened.

(Cover Art for Austin Mahone’s “Do it Right” by Noiremac)


So what’s next from here? What are you exactly waiting for? Austin Mahone already fucks with you. It’s only up from here I’m guessing?

I’m not really sure whats next. My friend and I are in the process of getting clothes made right now. It’s gonna be mostly designs that I made between my freshman year of high school and now. I’ve been waiting a long time for this and it seems like it might actually go through so we’ll just have to see, but yeah man, hopefully I can do more cover art for some people. I recently had some people ask me to draw Dragon Ball Z versions of them, so now I have my own characters I’m working on and shit. I’m trying to make an animation, I really wanna do that. That’s nothing serious though. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep creating, try to work with a few people I hope, and just get my name out there more.

All pieces done by Noiremac:


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