Natasha McKenna’s horrific death by police in Virginia

In Alexandria, Virginia an African woman with Schizophrenia was beaten so badly that she was left with two black eyes, an amputated finger, and bruises.

The Washington Post notes that in February, McKenna in fact stopped breathing after police beat and tased her FOUR times all while in handcuffs and leg shackles. She died at the age of 37 several days after her police encounter after being in the hospital. McKenna was originally placed in jail. Our guess is that she had an episode of her disorder and the police acted as such. The police claimed this brutal death was an accident. “excited delirium associated with physical restraint including use of conductive energy device”. They also claimed her medical illness along with Bipolar was another cause of death. A mentally ill woman in jail does not pose enough threat nor ability to flee in order to be beaten this badly. The only results from this case is the suspension of tasers in the jail scene. Other than that, all we have is a dead body and no justice.

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Natasha Mckenna was never intended to leave that Fairfax jail alive. Everything indicates this fact. One point in regards to this is that Natasha was completely naked and it was the dead of winter time. Some commenters have said this is not the original video first released. The original video is reported to be much worse and disgusting. Apparently, she was seen in her bra and panties getting ready for the fake transport, when she was assaulted by jailers. The video we are seeing now on the internet shows her being seen for the first time completely naked and handcuffed… Read more »