My Top 5 Hip Hop Artists of 2015

As the year 2015 comes to an end we are bombarded with year-end reviews. This IS NOT a review, I repeat, NOT a review. It is merely a look back on the fantastic year we had in Hip Hop through my 5 personal favorite songs from the year.

5) DP- Jabar

DP released this song back in 2014 but released the video a month ago.

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4) Mac Miller- 100 Grandkids

Mac Miller surprised us all with his new style. The kid is no longer a KID.

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3) Drake- Know Yourself

Drake, yes another Drake hit. The man has been consistent since 2010, and here Drake had an entire culture ‘runnin thru the 6’ for an entire Summer.

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2) Joey Bada$$- Paper Trails

This is the Joey I signed up for. Backed by legendary DJ Premier and a flow out of this world Joey released Paper Trails.

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1) Kendrick Lamar- Alright

The chant heard around the world from a song on an album that will go down in history. Kendrick displays lyricism, song-crafting, spirituality, and positivity with one simple phrase, “We gon be Alright”.

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