My First Trip To Atlanta! Waffle House, Lenox Mall, WavieGange, Elleven45 Lounge and more...

     My first time visiting Atlanta, GA was a time to remember! It was nothing like my Chicago experience [uncomfortable & disappointing]…well maybe a little, but nonetheless it was lit! I don’t know if I should start with the Southern Hospitality or the Georgia “Peaches”!

Let’s start with our Luxury hotel experience!

Besides the fun-sized pool being under maintenance, the vibes of the telly were decent!

My brothers of WavieGang made this like no other hotel experience! We utilized all floors of the hotel and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Before every night of fun we turnt up in the weightroom to make sure we flexed hard in VIP!

This brings me to the Gang & Wyclef Jean! They shut down Terminal West and blew my mind beat for beat with every moment!

WavieGang is a family of talented individuals originating from a Milwaukee neighborhood known as District 13. They take pride in unity, loyalty, and grinding! I’m pretty sure their name is self explanatory, catch the wave or DROWN!

Coming from Wisconsin, Atlanta’s nightlife took me for a shock!

Let me be the first to say, it’s about who you know and what’s in your wallet! We planned on going to Compound, Gold Room, Edgewood, and Opera…but ultimately ended up at Elleven45 Lounge! Yikes! K.Camp was there, but I never even saw the man! We went into VIP 26 deep, so maybe that played a factor! MY nightlife experience wasn’t the best, but the people I was with maybe it worthwhile!

Shopping in Atlanta was one of the highlights of my days! The people are friendly and really know how to reassure a sale!

Eyes On Baker, was my first stop shop experience! Nikki B welcomed the gang and I, into her store so we could exchange style and ideas! She styled us so much that we began to catch a ton of “Migos” rips! Lenox Mall had a ton of good stores but I pictured it 3x bigger than what it is. Do they really fit all of those celebs in this mall? Now I see why they have to shut it down all the time.

Big S/O to BusyBee and Waffle House! Great Eats!

Atlanta has a vibe like no other! I get the feeling you can be yourself! Maybe a little too much, I left out the disturbing visual imagery of Lenox mall and their Men in waist trainers out of this article! I hope to come back to ATL and experience more things such as the stadiums, ghettos, Cascades, all the cliche stuff and more! Overall, I had a ton of fun! Maybe a little too much…


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