More Than Colors 5.0 UWW's Divine 9 Fraternities Repeat History In Spring 17!

DisclaimerMore Than Colors is a written web-series about Greek Life at a PWI. Its goal is to negate some stereotypes and myths, and genuinely enlighten non-greeks on general information about Fraternities and Sororities, Greek etiquette, and the unknown. These views do not reflect the experiences of all.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is home for approximately 12,000 students. The entire Greek community makes up about 6% of that population!


For the last 5 years (give or take), Greeks and GDIs have been plagued with the rhetorical question, “Why is Greek Life so terrible right now?”.  Neos are often bombarded with disappointing statements such as, “It aint like it used to be!” or “Back in my day” as if the prophytes are our grandparents from the 50’s and 60’s! But Greek Life has been a campus hot commodity and beneficial experience for as long as anyone can remember so what do we do to restore its prestige and excitement for all?

There’s 101 ways to do the right thing, but here’s a few bulletproof methods of immediate action! Brainstorm within your orgs more ideas!

  1. Continuous Education of Neos

  2. Continuous Fulfillment of The Organization’s Mission and Aims

  3. Continuous Leadership & Representation for the campus & community

  4. Constant CREATIVITY

    To give the Greek community at Whitewater the benefit of the doubt, their Divine 9/NPHC hasn’t been full since around Spring 12! Even then, there wasn’t any Iotas!

In Spring 17 Greek Life has given us some rising action & numbers while repeating history!

(12/4/1906)ALPHA PHI ALPHAS.S.  H.A.V.O.C.(3/2/17)

(1/5/1911)KAPPA ALPHA PSIK.S. Silent Exekution (3/30/17)

(11/17/1911) OMEGA PSI PHIS.S.S.O. (4/1/2017)

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