More Than Colors 4.0 A Greek Testimony

DisclaimerMore Than Colors is a written web-series about Greek Life. Its goal is to negate some stereotypes and myths, and genuinely enlighten non-greeks on general information about Fraternities and Sororities, Greek etiquette, and the unknown.

Steven Bradford

Zeta Iota – Fall 15 – HN – Deuce Cl2b

Nice to meet you. More Than Colors 4.0 is brought to you based upon my experiences as a greek member. Many people assume and wonder about Greek Life, but have no true experience within in. Many myths and rumors flood the internet and the minds of spectators. I will address a few interesting things I’ve heard.

Ridiculous Myths

  • Members of Fraternities & Sororities actually believe they’re “Greek”.

Greek Life is merely called Greek Life because of the usage of Greek lettering in the names of the organizations. Not much else correlates to anything “Greek”. Some organizations are rooted through Egyptian and African history.

  • Joining Greek Life is “Buying Friends”

This is by far my favorite one. It’s so ridiculous! These smiles on our faces are LEGIT! These bonds are no where near artificial or paid for. Every connection that I have with the brothers in my fraternity is real, genuine, developed over time, developed through experiences and is priceless! These friendships are for forever. I don’t know anywhere else I could’ve established bonds like these!

  • Greek Life is all about partying, drinking and sex!

Three words: Manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind. I think that’s pretty much self explanatory! People try so hard to tear down things they’re not a part of. As long as the people who were duly initiated never forget their mottos, aims, missions, and constitutions then no harm is done! We’ll continue to let spectators think that’s all we’re about.

  • Greeks can’t socialize/hang with non-greeks

Well how in the heck do these orgs get members then? Fraternity and Sorority members should be the first leaders you encounter on your campus! They set the tone as far as campus climate and fun. Greeks should be your voice and resource! Our events are tailored to provide the campus with stimulating fun, knowledge, and positivity.

How has Greek Life helped me?

There’s so much more gained from Greek Life than letters, cool jackets, reputation, and more interests! These things are the bonuses that come along with college life. Fraternities & Sororities actually serve a much deeper purpose. Some things I would say I gained from my experiences are

  • Better focus
  • Brotherhood
  • Connections
  • Physically fit
  • Confidence boost
  • Resume building
  • Enlightened on Robert’s Rules of Order, contracts, insurance, corporations/business, reservations, policies, etiquette, black origins, politics, etc.

This list could go on for days! The opportunities are endless. You get out of it, what you put into it. You can’t expect to reap benefits without putting in the work. Most people ask what can fraternities do for them, but never what they can do for the organization. These orgs operate off cycles of leadership, advocation, and service! I haven’t been a member of my fraternity a yet year and I’ve already been to two conferences (one in Iowa), gave two speeches, put on three shows, attended dozens of meetings, met hundreds of professionals and I’m not done yet!

Do not let my experiences shape your opinion. Join an organization for your own reasons and own desires! I love being a member of Alpha Phi Alpha! Whatever your choice is, know that it is YOUR choice!

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