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DisclaimerMore Than Colors, is a written web-series about Greek Life. Its goal is to negate some stereotypes and myths, and genuinely enlighten non-greeks on general information on Fraternities and Sororities, Greek etiquette, and the unknown. This excerpt of More Than Colors is written by a distinguished brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. All views and opinions are personal, therefore they should not be taken offensively.

Joining a Fraternity is much more than what meets the eye. Some common assumptions is that you pay to have friends, it’s all about getting females and partying, and that frat boys are cocky and arrogant. Although this may be true for some brothers, the majority of members of a Fraternity have legitimate reasons, goals, and experiences that keep them moving onward and upward. Personally speaking, joining my fraternity brought out the best in me. Before making assumptions, do some research on the origins and missions of all fraternities and sororities.

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Marketing

Line Name: DecICEive

Deuce & Head Neophyte in Charge

Bio: I’m Steven Deon Bradford Jr. I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I currently attend The University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. Before I came to college, I knew nothing about a Fraternity or Sorority. My uncle is an Alpha man, but I never realized. Why Alpha? I embarked on my journey to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses and to test my mental capacity throughout the bludgeoning of chance. Knowing not what you fit in with, but what fits in with you is the key. I chose Alpha because I saw a reflection of what I wasn’t, but had potential to be. Alphas can’t be stereotyped. They are usually noble, distinguished, and confident. There’s no better set of virtues to hold aloft other than manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind. For my line, I met with triumph and disaster and treated those two impostors both the same.

Now meet my line brothers.

Classification: Senior

Major: Public Relations

Line Name: VAL1ANT

ACE & Secretary

Bio: This is Reginald Kirby. He’s from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Before he got to college he knew a lot about Greek Life. His mother is a Lovely Lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and his father is a man of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Kirby always knew he wanted to be Phirst though. Throughout great times of anguish, I’ve always known VAL1ANT to be brave for us. It wasn’t his victory, but it was always the fight that he made. Why Alpha? “I was always a leader, but I needed something to guide me in the direction I needed to go. Onward and Upward was the perfect direction. Alpha was always in the heart because of their constant reminder of the duties we have as men, students, and brothers!”.

Classification: Junior

Major: Human Health & Performance

Line Name: Resili3nce


Bio: This is Kyree, Brooks. He’s from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Before he got to college he knew nothing about Greek Life. When he arrived, he knew he wanted to be PHrozen though. I’ve always known him to remain unbowed. He never gave up in the fell clutch of circumstance. Why Alpha? “I wanted to become a part of something much more distinguished than myself. While doing this, I wanted to make an impact not only on campus, but in the community. It would be great to implement ways to assist the economic, social and cultural development of the African American community. As well I’ve always had a long term goal to promote high academic standards and develop leaders. Alpha Phi Alpha was the only Fraternity I saw fit for me. The values I uphold are coherent with my Fraternity.”.

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Criminology

Line Name: Vigilante

QUAD & Timekeeper

Bio: This is Ke’waun Smith. He was born in Hemphill Texas, raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He also knew nothing about Greek Life before attending college. He displayed a heroic like persona when those around him needed a push! Success always began with his will, it was all a state of mind.  Why Alpha? “I saw the brotherhood of the Fraternity and never really had that for myself. Every Male in my family has committed a crime, has been to jail or is currently in jail. I am the only male to go off the college from my family, and my father dropped out of high school as a Sophomore. A brotherhood that is positive is one thing that I always needed. I want to be a voice for the voiceless and show kids that their is a way out of the struggle because of what I went through. The fraternity is so genuine to me and it is so much more than a social org, it is a business. Having the goal of being a man of service and academic excellence is something I strive for in life.”.

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Biochemistry

Line Name: Cold-Blooded

Live Five

Bio:  This is Jeremy Gray. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Before college he had an idea of what Greek Life was, his uncle is an Alpha man. During tough times, he remained focused, quick on his feet, and emotionless. Why Alpha? “I chose the route of becoming an Alpha man to become more of a developed leader and role model. I have three younger sisters that look up to me and I want to be able to help guide them into being successful. I help out with football teams and baseball teams that I’ve played with in the past. I go back and give advice to the young athletes to make sure they are making the right decision and have somewhat of a plan about what they want to do with their life. Lastly, when I played sports after the school year was over I lost a lot of contact with the people I considered my brothers. With the Zeta Iota chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc, it is a lifelong brotherhood and with the chapter I am in it is very close knit.”.

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science

Line Name: Cutting Edge


Bio:  This is Leonard Brox. He is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Before coming to college he knew nothing of Greek Life. I’ve known him to always be flexible and loyal. He harbored a monster within, that he has learned to harness. The menace of the year would find, and find him unafraid. Why Alpha? “The reason I chose Alpha, is because this organization is built strongly on brotherhood. Growing up I never had any brothers or any male figures around. What I was missing in my life was a male figure to guide me into the right path into becoming a successful man. When I saw the Alpha’s of Zeta Iota and how they carried themselves around campus made me realize that these are the men that set great examples of how to progress. Alpha men are of high caliber and I wanted to enhance myself.

Classification: Senior

Major: Biochemistry

Line Name: PHrozen Clarity

Tail/Anchor & Jewel

Bio: This is Diarra Wo’se. He’s from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was interested in Alpha and Greek Life a while before he finally got his chance. Wo’se had to knock down a few barriers in order to reach the light. In times of distress, he always attempted to do what others wouldn’t dare. No matter how charged with punishment the scroll, he was the master of his fate and the captain of his soul. Why Alpha? “I look to be the role model for those who grew up with out one. Being an Alpha  man will help me reach my full potential so that I can help service the world not only through education but through Science. I want to be apart of the intellectual men working to help heal and cure the sick in our world. My main mission is to help those who can not help themselves and becoming an Alpha man I can better complete that mission.”.

We are S.S. C.A.U.T.I.O.N.

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