Lud Foe Let’s Us Know What He’s Thinking About With 2 New Releases!

The last we heard from Lud Foe was his release of No Hooks! He went crazy on almost every track of the project. It didn’t make as much noise as I think he anticipated though. I can’t lie, Lil Luddy is becoming pretty repetitive. I still believe in his creative abilities though. I wonder what’s next. These releases seem to be nothing new. Kill Sum is the usual “bang bang shoot em up” Lud Foe. Aint Thinking Bout Her is a lot smoother and refreshing though.


  • Charismatic
  • Subtle Autotune
  • Amazing KidWond3r Production
  • Guitar Feature


  • Melodies not creative enough


  • Dope Visual
  • Dope KidWond3r Production


  • Redundant Song
  • Same Lud Foe
  • Repetitive Sound
Is this Dope or Nope?
  • Dope 
  • Nope 

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