Kwabena Nixon and Dem Damn Poets – DOPE!

I recently had the opportunity to witness greatness in the spoken word and story telling realm. At the University of Whitewater’s “Black Is Beautiful” Black History month program I saw three talented people! Kwabena Nixon, Miss Dia, and Dizz Flatline! As I sat in my seat I found myself deeply engaged with all of the imagery, dynamics, and experiences that they brought to the stage!

My Mic, My Life, My Ministry 

Kwabena came onto the stage with so much energy and stage presence that it immediately woke the entire building up! His messages were most definitely received, understood, and respected. He got the entire crowd to interact with him and think about topics not many people like to even think about. This did not plague Nixon. He took controversial and forbidden topics and turned them into everyday situations that we inevitably must talk about and face.

Kwabena Nixon was a very influential speaker. Although his presentation was quite long, there was never a dull or bad moment. He took us through the hood, the the bad, and the unfortunate but ultimately brought us back up to the success, the good, and the triumph! I enjoyed every minute of his show! Kwabena has spoke at many other places all over the world and plays a big role in the “I Will Not Die Young” campaign! He is definitely DOPE in our book!

If Each One, Reach One, and Teach One…We Win!

Miss Dia and Dizz Flatline come together to make Dem Damn Poets! Dizz jumped on stage and instantly made it his! He initially wanted his mic turned down so he could speak as loudly as he wanted but later decided that he didn’t even need a mic. He dropped the mic and started telling an elaborate story about the destruction of his people! He told the audience about our intentions and reasoning rather than our actions. He explained how everyone points out that his people smoke weed and totes guns but they don’t mention that we do it so we can sleep, relax, and protect ourselves from our fears.

Next, the heavy hitter Miss Dia entered the stage! She also delivered! She definitely did not let her curly hair, pink hoodie, and soft smile fool us! She came in hard and passionate. She began to explain how she will always take care of her people and fight for what’s right. She depicted the strength in women, the strength in change, and the strength in a thought! She had the crowd holding onto the edge of their seats.

Is this Dope or Nope?
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I saw them at the peace vigil at Dineen