Journell Pierre and the juice that Earl Sweatshirt shared with him

So I’ve been following this Philly artist by the name of Journell Pierre

for a few years now. His first tape Wordlove (see link below) was an emotional debut which featured some experimental production. That’s not why we’re here though, we are here because Journell recently released NTM which stands for Not Trap Music. This project features some audacious production accompanied with nice flow and smooth raps to go alongside with it. Journell recently got a cosign from both  Earl Sweatshirt and the Internet’s biggest music nerd, Anthony Fantano. The kid has serious talent and is under the radar, no blog posts and he strictly rides off of clout he’s built himself by spreading his music the old fashion way, word of mouth.  I fortunately got to have a conversation with Journell, read below:

Dope Or Nope: So what’s it like being from Philly bro?

Journell: I’m actually from Brooklyn, I moved here when I was 4. I love Philly though man.

You have to put on for Brooklyn now homie, it’s mandatory. So what changed from Wordlove to Not Trap Music? Different vibe in the studio? Why do these two projects sound polar opposite?

To be honest, when I made wordlove I was depressed. I make music based on what’s going on in my life. I made NTM out of me feeling like people forgot I could really rap and I started smoking weed. NTM was just the product of me being at a new point in my life.

How long have you been rapping?

About 10 years now.

Damn how old are you?


How’d you feel when you got the Anthony Fantano cosign?

Man I cried. I didn’t peep it until 4 days later though. I was actually in the bathroom and stumbled upon it. Tears just wouldn’t stop flowing.

Man and what about meeting Earl Sweatshirt? All this happened in one week?

That was crazy bro. I was working security at Made in America and I went up to him after his set. He was so cool. I was shaking and shit, it wasn’t cool. But I showed him “undefeated” and he said he liked it and would checkout my soundcloud. I automatically called all my niggas haha. It was crazy, and yeah this has all happened in the past like 8 days.

It’s actually crazy seeing this buzz take place bro. I remember fucking with you when you went by and you did some work with Dahm.

Yeah back when I was 16. Dahm’s my nigga.

So what’s next? Any more projects in the works?

Yeah I’ve actually been working on my next project for like 3 weeks already. Can’t say too much though.

Any surprises?

If I told you they wouldn’t be surprises anymore haha.

You did all this on your own? No management?

Yeah man. Just me and my niggas.

I’m looking forward to more singles dropping. Keep up the good work man.

I’m gonna cool it on the singles for a while haha.

stream NTM right here:

also follow Journell on twitter.
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