Introducing Chuck Islands

I have great judgement. I know a gem when I spot a gem. Chuck Islands is a gem. Only 18 years old and already taking a hiatus from the spotlight he still has yet to steal, this local talent from Dallas, TX has garnered some attention in his area. LYRICISM thrives heavily within this kid. I sat down and fortunately got to have a conversation with the kid. It went a little something like this…

“So Chuck Islands or Scott Journi?”

Chuck Islands.

“Do you consider yourself a rapper or a musician?”


“What are your thoughts on the state of Hip Hop?”

It’s advancing. everyone’s starting to open their minds and be themselves more so it’s a lot of new ideas flowing.

“What made you want to rap?”

I rapped at a talent show in 8th grade just to try it and everybody thought I stole my lyrics. I took it as a compliment and wanted to get even better.

“Where do you find your inspiration/influence”

Basquiat. He’s been my only real inspiration since 11th grade.

“I’m going to be honest, ‘Hardknocks’ was my favorite track for a very lengthy period of time. When can we expect another track of that caliber or is the vault just cracking?”

A lot of people liked that track but I hated it. So as soon as I can wrap my head around your mindset I’ll recreate something a thousand times better.

“When can we expect a full length project?”

As soon as I have the confidence to release one.

“Last question, What’s your overall message in your music”

Think for yourself.

I am excited for what the future holds for this kid. You should be as well.

Stream “Hardknocks” by Chuck Islands and produced by Klaus Prime below.

Memorable Line: “Gimme a shot, Semi in my colon ready or not”

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