How the “Netflix and Chill” Theory is Blocking Us From True Love

June 15th, 2015

How the “Netflix and Chill” Theory is Blocking Us From True Love

Being the HOPEFUL romantic that I am, it seems as though I’m always discussing the dysfunctional love crises of our generation, what we need to do change them and the positive outcomes we could get from those changes. Well, my mind began wandering further when a male friend of mine texted me today and asked, “Do you think relationships are real in our generation?” My response, “As of right now, HELL NO in all honesty. But I still have hope. It’s just that our generation has major trust issues, we enjoy sex more than commitment, everybody is making sure they don’t get played and social media makes it easier to continue the vicious cycle because of all the “new” men and women that are easily accessible and ready to “just chill”. We don’t know what real love and real relationships are anymore. But that’s exactly why it’s my goal to teach our generation about respect and real love.” Easier said than done. Especially when everyone is falling into the “Netflix and Chill” trap and trying to build a solid foundation off of 5 minute first (or second) date sex and a few slices of pizza (if you’re lucky). 

We all joke about knowing that guys are using Netflix and “chilling” to lure women in for sex but in reality, it’s not a laughing matter. The simple, insignificant gestures that we are easily impressed by is exactly what’s holding us back from setting real, high standards and expectations from our significant others. You know why you’re constantly sad, hurt and confused? Because you’ve convinced yourself that you’re not interested in true love and you’re fine with just using different people for sex; this applies to both my men and women. Sex has become our new idea of love because it’s easy to get caught up in the soul tie aspect of it and mistake good strokes/good pussy for a good heart; which is hardly ever the case. The late nights filled with crying and praying for true love have become too familiar but we must realize that God can’t bless us if we’re still dancing with the devil. We’ve become complacent with simple texts, DMs, sex, blunts, alcohol and chilling instead of dates, phone calls, intimacy, sacrifices and true love.

The most important part of it all is respect; I constantly state this in my music and my blogs. Both men and women must teach and learn respect in order for us to correct the wrongs of the negative dating games of our generation and move forward toward true love. We have to gain the courage to climb out of our comfort zone in order to make significant changes. I’ll leave you all with this: love yourself, teach and learn respect, don’t give up on love and always remain hopeful no matter the circumstances.

Love & Peace

Auti Marie

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  • king.basking says:

    Its a indirect way to say what is understude most of the time, if your communication with the opposite sex leads to chilling And not building then you most likely are simply too young to understand the depth of love.

  • Steven Bradford DopeOrNope says:

    So who’s fault is it? Is it wrong for boys to call women over for Netflix with ulterior motives for sex? Should they keep it real and state their intentions or are women to blame for falling for it? Maybe women want to come over for sex too and the Netflix offer is the way it’s confirmed?

    • Fryer Duck says:

      It’s not something you put the blame on. Women are totally in on it too. It’s not just men asking women. It’s both. It’s mutual. It’s code. Used to be if someone said coffee that really means sex. Now coffee is star bucks and Netflix Is sex. Anytime your staying home with someone and ordering pizza or renting, watching , a movie , it’s a sex date. Whether or not the guy takes the lead or follows the bread crumbs is up to him and how aware he is of the situation. I doubt any girls are unaware in that situation. They are usually more mature then boys & want the guy to make a move. Usually guys are too nice and don’t do anything or come on too strong . But anyways no one is to blame because this isn’t a bad thing anyway. It’s just culture.

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