Durk ‘N’ Dej recreate Love & Basketball in “My Beyonce”

I never paid attention to the Durk and Dej love rumor but it seems to be official now. My Beyonce is a good track. The video, not so great. Andrew Dilla Bonsu came up with the concept for this recreation. It’s a good and creative idea, but it was poorly executed.

The video was somewhat boring and not many people would easily connect the movie with the video. Maybe Bonsu intended to make a loose depiction of the movie, leaving him with a little more wiggle room for originality.

The video starts off with a scenery shot of what seems to be Baldwin Hills Crenshaw (A popular mall in Los Angeles). The camera then pans to the left corner where we see Durk and Dej cruising around the corner in a Black 5.0. Big Ups to Durk for pushing this car and reminding me of Kane from Menace II Society. That’s arguably my favorite movie, but back to these two lovebirds.

The video highlights a pretty cute relationship which could be a plus for some of our viewers. They seem to be going on dates, chilling at home, and engaging in some hilarious conversation. I believe this video was pretty basic but my love for the song makes it decent. I would’ve loved to see the two interact in Durk’s hometown, Chicago. I’d have to give this video a Nope. Check it out below.

Is this Dope or Nope?
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