Do You UTILIZE TIME? We all have the same set of 24 hours

You’ve probably heard us screaming and posting about “UT24“, “UTILIZE TIME“, “TWENTYFOUR“, “PASSION, PERSISTENCE, PROGRESSION” or other mottos of that sort. For many people, they see the clothing and the vision and initially understand the plot. It appears to be self-explanatory; Utilize Time. For some people, the question then arises, “What is TwentyFour?”

Anybody and everybody can UTILIZE TIME. If you’re an athlete, scholar, dancer, poet, teacher, musician…the list goes on, you UTILIZE TIME. Personally, even when I’m not up and moving…I’m still UTILIZING TIME, in my head I’m envisioning myself completing my goals and tasks at hand. In my head I’m innovating and trying to think of the next concept I can bring to life. For a basketball player, he doesn’t just UTILIZE TIME during games. When he’s at the gym lifting weights, sticking to his diet and buying new gear and equipment he’s still UTILIZING TIME. Anything you do pertaining to your success and goals is UTILIZING TIME. Many people only chase the big picture but don’t pay attention to the fine details. We cannot be discouraged by losses, other people’s success, or even idle times. We must continue to push ourselves to think and take action, because slow progress, is better than no progress.

So in theory, yes we all UTILIZE TIME! It’s up to you to stay persistent and obtain all the progress you desire!

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