“Damn, I Didn’t Know it was This Many Talented People from Milwaukee” Sounds from Milwaukee, WI

I know, that’s why I made this list…

Milwaukee has the infrastructure and talent to become the next big city known for its music scene. There are over 100 artists who rap, sing, produce, engineer and/or any mix of these things. So the purpose of this article is to compile a working list of established and emerging artists from the ill streets of Milwaukee. Ranging from “banging/jacking” (Original Milwaukee sound music with a southern bounce) to neo-soul, Milwaukee houses it all. ILL4MIL is a compilation of music to display the diversity in genres from Milwaukee. In no way does the playlist capture all music from Milwaukee, however, it is a great start. The overall goal of the playlist, as well as this article, is to shine the brightest light on music from Milwaukee. Know that this could have very well been an article of how music is saving the city, unites different causes daily, or even a compiled list of producers and engineers but this article is not that. However, it acts a gateway to learning more about the city through each artist’s music. Below is the most fire playlist yet, as it has the varying sounds from Milwaukee, WI. This playlist is of mixed skills meaning there are artists who sound better than others for various reasons such as time in the game, production, substance, and bars, however, each song on the list is a BANGER in its own right. While compiling this playlist I had two goals in mind. One put on for the city. Two demonstrate that there is a lot of talent to support. ILL4MIL has 142 songs showcasing my love for Milwaukee and music. It’s over 100 artists with well over 50 sounds, you’re guaranteed to like someone on the list. Listen to these tracks!

ALL artists are “Googleable” as a majority are already on major streaming websites. All artists pages are hyperlinked, dare to explore.


Typically, when you hear of bands or groups you think of the Beatles, Boyz II Men, or Destiny Childs but this Milwaukee so it is whatever we come up with.

Wavie Gang–  You gotta go watch their videos on Youtube and Facebook to get the full scope. The group consists of WavieBoi D (writer, producer, engineer, artist); H1 DaHook (artist and writer); Gass Mann (writer ultimate hype-man, producer); J’Mika (artist); Payeso Goozey (artist); Marx Solvila (writer and artist); WavieBoi B (producer and engineer); Suckafree Rockoo (artist), JayNyce (artist)

New Age Narcissism- NAN The group consists of Lorde Fredd33, Lex Allen, Jay Anderson, Q the Sun, Webster X, Siren, Bo Triplex, and Christopher Gilbert. New Era for sure.

Foreign Goods– This band consists of Jay Anderson (woodwinds), Jonathan Harris, Quinten Farr (keyboard), Lorde Fredd33, B~Free(vocals/flute), Kyndal J, Dailen Harris (vocals), (bass), and Aram Feriants (guitar).

ADHD–  This group is consists of rappers and their names are Josh, Jalen, George, and Kell.

The Fatty Acids- This group consists of Derek De Vinney, Josh Evert, Matt Pappas, and Cole Quamme.


  1. Genesis Renji
  2. Ar Wesley
  3. Munch Lauren
  4. Von Alexander
  6. Blax
  7. A.C. The Ruler
  8. Klassik
  9. WillTheGlide
  10. CT
  11. Denny Lanez
  12. Larry Bull
  13. Dee Fr3sh!
  14. LexDaRapper
  15. VellG
  16. Slowlife Tito
  17. Dae Flywalker
  18. Job Jetson
  19. Wave Chapelle
  20. Sharrod Sloans
  21. LEVY
  22. Denny Lanez
  23. Jus
  24. BJustice
  25. Renz Young
  26. AWillTheGreat
  27. J-Lamo
  28. Rell Cash
  29. Burgie Streetz
  30. Tre’Six
  31. Ju Preach
  32. BoodahDARR
  33. Lorde Fredd33
  34. iKhaan
  35. Auti Marie
  36. El-Shareef
  37. RTystic
  38. Vincent VanGREAT
  39. Ru The Poet
  40. ENTs_JO
  41. Hakeem Paragon 
  42. Taj Raiden
  43. S. Queen Tut
  44. WoLF thaMaN
  45. Cochise
  46. Chakara Blu
  48. 99TheProducer
  49. riQoTheMenace
  50. ShleBerry
  51. SGOD Jayy
  52. Tye Motives


  1. Shon Mil
  2. Eli $tones
  3. Marshall Twins (MT)
  4. Kewl
  5. Eddie Jame$
  6. Dad
  7. Petti Hendrix
  8. LOCO LO$
  9. Drúdini
  10. IshDARR
  11. Mike Regal
  12. EMAAD
  13. Yung Legend
  14. Reggie Bonds
  15. HMScoop
  16. Remy Debarge
  17. Lil D
  18. Ray Rizzy
  19. Mic Kellogg
  20. Sean Sison
  21. E Coop
  22. Chuck Senora
  23. MSFT Militia
  24. Waye$ky
  25. YL64
  26. KingBap
  27. Dg Sawi
  28. Quis Styles
  29. KaneTheRapper
  30. Teal Lilly
  31. Yung Satori
  32. Ak$tacks
  33. TrayFresh


  1. Ammorelle
  2. Abby Jeanene
  3. Nygma
  4. ChynaLux
  5. Grace Weber
  6. MaajeVu
  7. Tru West
  8. B-Free
  9. Rina
  10. Kyndal J
  11. Meraki
  12. James Tatum
  13. Carti Bankx
  14. Sawyer Gibson

Mixed Genre

  1. Lex Allen
  2. Zed Kenzo
  3. Webster X
  4. Fivy

4’s up. Love.

Photo Credit: Sayvon Friend
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