5 Productive & Positive Faces from Milwaukee Just a handful of Milwaukee's most reputable people.

We glorify and point out the bad so much in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I wanted to take the time to personally highlight a handful of people that defeat stereotypes and doubts. There’s never all negatives in any given situation. We give power to what we choose to acknowledge and put energy into though.

Dumaine Reid

Reid is the CEO of Mission10Eleven. This is a program that many people utilize and cherish in Milwaukee. So many young teens benefit from Reid, his team, and everything he has to offer. He serves as an outlet for many talented people whether they make music, play basketball, or indulge in fashion. Reid is reaching the youth at pivotal points in their life. I salute him for chasing his dreams and starting something positive at just the age of 19. If I’m correct, it’s been 5 years and he’s still pushing!

Mission10Eleven Website

Dumaine’s twitter

Deja Garner

I was privileged enough to go to High school (Rufus King) with this wonderful person. Throughout my high school career I’ve always known her to be a role model, a leader, and a very compassionate person. Garner later ventured out into the business world and started her own organization. Stop Rethink Speak, also known as SRS, is an organization that calls for a cognizant effort at stopping bullying. Not just physical bullying, but all forms. From her own experiences, Garner developed something beautiful. SRS is a safe haven for many children that may be mistreated. It’s refreshing that we still have people like this on earth, let alone our city.

SRS Website

Deja’s Twitter

Keith Herd

Keith Herd is a local entrepreneur in Milwaukee. Shoes, apparel, cars, dreams…there’s nothing this guy can’t sell. I met him through mutual friends and he definitely has a lot to offer. It’s always beneficial having a conversation with this guy. From YOLONIGHTS to Rebones Keith has always had a credible endeavor going on. I salute him for climbing ladders and never looking down. I actually got a chance to interview him about his origins and motives. Check it out.

The 100K Interview

Rebones Website

Keith Herd’s Twitter

Brandis Frater

Frater, is a local Dj known as MrNewYork! This guy is dope! I heard about him a while ago. When I was too young to attend on one his epic parties I was still hearing the hype. I recently have been encountering him due to Montgomery Management and their Summer Sail events. He’s a great Dj. I’ve only witnessed a few guys who can tend to all demographics in the same night, he’s definitely one of them. I salute him because of his constant optimism and great personality. He climbed out of bad places to get where he is now.

Brandis Frater’s Twitter

Summer Sail 1

Anthony Doffek

Anthony Doffek is a cool kid. Haha, seriously this dude is dope! I salute him for taking a break on himself and shining the light on others. Anthony and I have made music together so I know how passionate he is about his craft. He has stopped promoting himself and has developed a management team to help promote other artists. Montgomery Management is a highly reputable organization that I take pride in supporting. They manage a ton of artists from Milwaukee and host some of the best events. He’s pretty selfless.

Anthony Doffek’s Twitter

Montgomery Management’s Twitter

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