5 Milwaukee Faces That UTILIZED TIME in 2016 Passion, Persistence, & Progression

2016 has been filled with tears, hardships, change, and disappointment. For some of us, it actually was a great year though. For some of us, 2016 was the year of opportunity, advancement, and networking. We’ve reached new heights, new people, and new ideas. I kept my eyes and ears open while grinding myself and I must say there’s been some amazing accomplishments coming from my city. I don’t think Milwaukee Natives spend enough time congratulating and uplifting one another so I compiled this list of bosses for the record. This list leaves out a multitude of other hard workers but it doesn’t take away from the grind. Utilize Time to the best of your ability and always remember 2 L’s make a W.

Diamond Spencer


Spencer’s consistency is one of the major keys that landed her on the list. She is always finding a way to stay relevant and ready. Her professionalism will carry her to the top and her determination will keep her there. Make sure to check out her latest endeavor, The Clan Merch.

Spencer on Facebook

DG Sawi

Artist, Mentor & Entrepreneur

Sawi has been a major component of Milwaukee music dating back since 2009 if not longer. His humble heart keeps him blessed and progressive. He never misses a chance to give back to his city and that is why he will forever have a piece of the puzzle. In 2016, Sawi showed us how hard he can really work not only for himself, but his team. His latest single, BEND has accumulated much radio play and streams throughout the year.

Sawi on Facebook

Nia Cash

Entrepreneur & Beautician/Stylist

Nia’s ambition is admirable especially when considering the fact that she is younger than most. Her skills within the shop are endless and she’s always looking for new ways to stay efficient and affordable. She has her own shop, goals, and innovative ways of making it happen. She has UTILIZED TIMED all year and wont stop for anyone.

Nia on Facebook


Website CEO

TNeal is responsible for targeting a large demographic within the city and uniting them through social media and music. 414Work has pinpointed urban activity & music and created a movement. It’s nice to see so many people support and love something so authentic. His patience with the city will keep him as an essential when speaking of resources and connections.

TNeal on Facebook

Tay Love

Producer & Artist

Tay Love is nothing less than a Super Producer. His hitlist goes on for pages. With so many collabs under his belt, it’s hard to say he’s not one of the best producers doing it from the city. What separates him is his deeper knowledge and love for the music. Tay Love is a name that will make Milwaukee history. Music starts with the production, and he never disappoints.

Tay Love on Facebook

As 2017 approaches, what we do today is pivotal for our results tomorrow. Let’s set new standards and achieve new goals. #UT24


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